MedTranslate 2014 – International medical & pharma translation conference, Freiburg, Germany

logoWe’re delighted to announce the first MedTranslate conference that we are organizing this year.

It will take place October 3-5, 2014 in Freiburg, in the South of Germany. The event, aimed at international medical and pharma translation professionals, will feature many expert speakers from our industry – such as Emma Goldsmith, Pablo Mugüerza, and many others – as well as speakers from clients’ industries.

Among the excellent speakers and rich programme, Konstantinos Stardelis will discuss the question of rates in medical translation, while Marion Alzer (translator, clinical monitor, phase 1 manager) and Susanne Geercken (Drug safety specialist at Pfizer Germany) will give some keys to find your way in the jungle of pharmaceutical texts. Maarten Milder from Medtronic will discuss Q/A issues, and Ed Zander, author and veteran of the biopharma industry, former research manager at Glaxo, will walk us through the waters of drug discovery and development.

And much more! Check out the line-up of speakers here.

Come and join fellow specialized colleagues for a rich and interesting weekend of learning and networking, in the gorgeous setting of the Panorama Hotel Freiburg and its breathtaking view over the city and the Black Forest!

More information:

About Anne

French native professional translator for English and German specialized in medicine, BDÜ member, former staff member and Translator without Borders contributor, Anne works at GxP Language Services (parent company of the Alexandria project). Co-founder of the Alexandria project and organizer of the TriKonf Conference, she also specializes in online presence with a soft spot for LinkedIn marketing, and search engine marketing. An experienced translation industry trainer and speaker in those matters (over 50 seminars, training sessions webinars and industry conferences presentations delivered) and regular author (Social Media Today, LinkedIn & Business magazine, BDÜ’s MDÜ…), she’s already helped hundreds of freelance translators & LSPs with their online presence. Anne is also an experienced language industry conferences organizer (24 industry events organized/managed to date).

4 thoughts on “MedTranslate 2014 – International medical & pharma translation conference, Freiburg, Germany

  1. Hi Anne,

    This year’s MedTranslate conference sounds really great. I tried following the URL you posted by there was an error with the website, something about the server. When do you think the site will be back up?



    • Hi Ana,

      Thanks for the comment! Not sure what the problem was, the site is up and running and the log shows no problem… is it working now?
      Thanks :)

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