TriKonf 2013: Thank you very much! Announcing TriKonf 2015

Trikonf 2013 was held on October 18th to 20th, 2013, in Freiburg im Breisgau, capital of the Black Forest in Southern Germany, in the impressive and gorgeous setting of the Historic Merchants Hall, right in the heart of the old city centre.

Thank you everyone for contributing to make this first TriKonf a success! It was a fabulous high-flying, rich yet relaxed weekend of trilingual networking, training and learning. We had a blast organizing this event and hope it was your case attending it too!

Thank you to the 2013 speakers for their dedication and hard work, thank you to the 2013 sponsors (Kilgray Translation Technologies, SDL Language Technologies, Wordfast) and the supporting associations (ASTTI, BDÜ, SFT, ITI, FIT Europe, DVÜD and UNIVERSITAS Austria) for their support – and thank you to all delegates!

Pictures of the 2013 conference are now available! Visit the 2013 Media & Photos on the TriKonf website page to check them out!

See you at the next TriKonf in 2015 – same city, same venue!
TriKonf 2015 (#trikonf15) – 9- 11 October 2015

Associations Roundtable - left to right: ABRATES, DVÜD, ASTTI, BDÜ, SFT, ITI

TriKonf 2013: Associations Roundtable – left to right: ABRATES, DVÜD, ASTTI, BDÜ, SFT, ITI

Keynote speech by Jost Zetzsche

TriKonf 2013: Keynote speech by Jost Zetzsche

Keynote: Prof. Philipp Koehn

TriKonf 2013: Keynote speech by Prof. Philipp Koehn (finalist, EPO’s European Inventor Award 2013, one of the fathers of the MOSES engine)

TriKonf 2013: Alessandra Martelli giving sweets away to illustrate her workshop on transcreation

TriKonf 2013: Alessandra Martelli giving away sweets during her workshop on transcreation

Some speakers from TriKonf 2013: Rebecca Petras (Translators without Borders), Yves Champollion (Creator of Wordfast), Paul Filkin (SDL Language Technologies), Stefan Gentz (Owner of TRACOM)

Some speakers from TriKonf 2013: Rebecca Petras (Translators without Borders), Yves Champollion (Creator of Wordfast), Paul Filkin (SDL Language Technologies), Stefan Gentz (Owner of TRACOM) – thank you Stefan Gentz for contributing to the photos!

Roundtable on Machine Translation - left to right: Jost Zetzsche, Siegfried Armbruster, Emmanuel Planas, Prof. Philipp Koehn

Trikonf 2013 – Roundtable on Machine Translation (left to right: Jost Zetzsche, Siegfried Armbruster, Emmanuel Planas, Prof. Philipp Koehn)

Jerzy Czopik's workshop on quality insurance in translation

Jerzy Czopik’s workshop on quality insurance in translation

New Web portal for drug discovery

MP900316779[Press release from GRANATUM -]

Researchers can now use the GRANATUM web portal to socially interact and cooperate, build and share hypotheses, search databases, design and execute in-silico experiments to screen potential chemoprevention drugs ahead of in-vitro and in-vivo test. It is ready to connect biomedical researchers and provide access to information about cancer research and established pharmaceutical agents from 83 global data sources in an integrated, semantically interlinked manner.

The European GRANATUM project started two years ago. Mission: to build a collaboration platform for biomedical researchers in the field of cancer drug research. Version 1.0 of this web portal is now available at It provides access to the globally available biomedical knowledge and data resources that the scientists need to prepare complex experiments to identify novel agents for cancer prevention and to design experimental studies. This will accelerate research and reduce its costs.

Faster research results
Scientists from universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies are invited to use the GRANATUM Platform to share their knowledge and cooperatively generate expertise and experimental data, thus producing research results faster. Based on the GRANATUM Biomedical Semantic Model researchers can semantically annotate, manage and access biomedical resources, e.g. public databases, digital libraries and archives, online communities and discussions.

A Scientific Workflow Management System for biomedical experts provides a set of advanced tools to create, update, store, and share in-silico modeling experiments for the discovery of new chemopreventive agents.

Connecting socially
“The GRANATUM Portal will socially connect biomedical research across national boundaries, ease scientific exchange and, for the first time, allow collaboration in formulating hypotheses and testing potential drugs,” explains Prof. Wolfgang Prinz, the coordinator of the GRANATUM project and deputy director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT.

The GRANATUM Portal is based on the BSCW Shared Workspace System developed by Fraunhofer FIT and OrbiTeam Software GmbH. It was designed and built in the GRANATUM project as “A Social Collaborative Working Space Semantically Interlinking Biomedical Researchers, Knowledge And Data For The Design And Execution Of In-Silico Models And Experiments In Cancer Chemoprevention”, partially funded by the European Commission as part of the FP7 framework.

The GRANATUM consortium includes seven partners: National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG-DERI), Cybion Srl. (Italy), Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece), University of Cyprus (UCY/CBC and UCY/CS), German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), UBITECH (Greece), and Fraunhofer FIT acting as project coordinator.

For further information, please visit:

TriKonf: Regular pricing expires today – one week left to register

Freiburg Kaufhaus Erker

von Andreas Praefcke (Eigenes Werk) [GFDL oder CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear colleagues,

The regular pricing for the TriKonf ends tonight at midnight (Central European Time) – from tomorrow on, the conference fee will be 30 € more expensive – until next Friday at noon (CET) when registration closes.

So, if you’re planning to attend the conference and have not registered yet, today is a good day to do so!

Registration for dinner is also open until Friday next week – no dinenr booking can be accepted beyond this point.

Register now and join us in Freiburg for the #trikonf13!

The TriKonf team

5 reasons why you should attend the TriKonf 2013 – by A. Martelli

Thank you very much, Alessandra Martelli, for this very nice article! ;)

“The first edition of the TriKonf, the tri-national translation conference, is just a few weeks away. The conference, which will take place on October 18th-20th in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), is organised by GxP Language Services and supported by several leading European translation associations including ITI, BDÜ, DVÜD and ASTTI amongst others.

Translation conferences are a great way to learn more about the industry trends and tools of the trade, to meet and mingle with fellow translators and translation buyers and to gain insights on some of the hottest topics in the industry. If you haven’t registered for the TriKonf 2013 yet, here’s
5 reasons why you really shouldn’t miss this event.

1. A rich and varied programme

The conference programme is all about professionalisation and interoperability in the translation industry. It features over 20 sessions, which will be presented in English, French or German, with topics ranging from post editing and the professional uses of machine translation software up to quality assurance, terminology management, business ethics and translation productivity.

2. Three hands-on, efficiency-oriented workshops

Friday, October 18th, will feature three workshops, which can be purchased individually on the TriKonf website (available in English, German and French):

3. Spotlight on industry trends

The TriKonf programme also features a roundtable on the current trends and future of the translation profession in Europe. Participants include Ralf Lemster (Vice-President of the BDÜ), Iwan Davies (Chairman of ITI), Joao Esteves-Ferreira (President of ASTTI and ASTJ), Anne-Marie Robert (SFT representative) and Tanya Quintieri (founder and President of the DVÜD).”

Read more on Alessandra’s blog here

TriKonf: one month to go!



Time flies… and the TriKonf is in exactly one month! Preparations are going well, we’re now working on putting the final touches to the programme and the fringe programme. On Friday afternoon, those who are not attending Jost Zetzsche’s workshop can join us for a coffee/drink followed by a city tour (if the weather is on our side). Throughout the weekend, Alejandro Moreno-Ramos (the author of the “Mox” series), and Jost Zetzsche, will each have a book table to sell and sign their respective books. More information is available on the Fringe Programme page.

There’s still time to register – The “regular” pricing ends in 2 weeks (Oct. 4th), and after that date, there will still be a week left to register, but at the “last-minute” pricing (with an extra fee applying). Registration closes Oct. 11th – no ticket can and will be sold beyond that point (including workshops and networking dinner).

Make sure you register before October 4th to avoid paying the last-minute fee! ;)

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Freiburg next month!

iPLATO Innovation Improves Patient Access to GP Services

London, 11 September 2013 – iPLATO Healthcare, a UK leader in cloud based mHealth and Analytics, has launched a new feature which allows patients to automatically cancel GP appointments via their mobile phone without intervention by reception staff at the practice. This new iPLATO feature – available for Enterprise and Pro users – will further reduce the practice workload related to appointment management and improve patient access to GP services.

Early users of automated cancellations are excited about the possibilities of this new feature. “Whilst eliminating effort for practice staff to deal with incoming cancellation requests from patients, this new feature has significantly sped up the process of making short term appointments available for other patients” says Lesley Kenny, Practice Manager and trial practice at The Hammersmith Surgery. “The reception team find it extremely efficient as freed up appointments can be given to someone else phoning in. I strongly urge all iPLATO users to trial ‘automated cancellations’ and not miss out!”

“Automated appointment cancellations is part of a broader feature set that aims to update the practice’s GP System automatically based on incoming messages from patients” says Tobias Alpsten, CEO of iPLATO Healthcare. “The new iPLATO feature recognises ‘Keywords’ so, when a patient sends a Keyword such as ‘CANCEL’ as a reply to an appointment reminder, the appointment is automatically removed from the GP System and the practice reception are notified via e-mail. This new feature improves patient services and reduces the administrational burden for practices to manage appointments.”

“Improved access to GP services reduces pressure on A&E” adds Alpsten. “In addition to improved access to GP services the Keyword feature will lead to long term outcomes such as reduced workload for reaching QoF targets and reduced pressure on switchboards.

Overall it’s a win-win-win for our commissioners, practices and patients!”

About iPLATO
iPLATO Healthcare is British innovation company. iPLATO’s evidence based mobile health solutions have proven to improve patient access to healthcare, to enable powerful health promotion targeted at people at risk and to support people with long term conditions.

Serving millions of patients and thousands of healthcare professionals every day iPLATO has emerged as the leader in mobile health. Across this network the company is running campaigns to promote smoking cessation, weight loss, childhood immunisation and pandemic awareness as well as mobile disease management services for people with diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy and HIV.

iPLATO Healthcare’s mission is to, in partnership with clinicians, help healthcare commissioners transform patient care through cloud based mHealth and Analytics.

Press release source:

TriKonf 2013 Speaker Spotlight: Ana Iaria

AnaphotoAna Luiza Iaria (MSc, FCIL, MITI, CL (Translator), ATA member) is a former lawyer who practiced law for many years in Brazil before starting out as a translator. In addition to a law degree, she also holds a first degree in Languages and an MSc in Translation and Translation Technology, and teaches several subjects, including Publishing Skills, at the MSc program in Translation at Imperial College London as a Visiting Lecturer. Apart from presenting papers on legal translation at international conferences, she also leads workshops on tools and productivity for translators. Ana Iaria has been a Mac user for over 20 years.


Ana will present:

Working with Macs: yes, you can (English)

Macs have been around for almost 30 years now and until recently, were practically the sole territory of graphic designers and artists. They were the last choice for translators who rely on Windows-based software. Since the release of the Intel Mac computers, more and more Macs are becoming the hardware of choice for translators. Using CATs for Macs – yes, they do exist – or installing Windows or even Linux, translators have the best of both worlds at their fingertips. We will be discussing how to benefit from both operating systems and available software to maximize translators’ time and efforts.

Ana will also give the MemoQ interoperability session.

TriKonf 2013, the Tri-National Translation Conference, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany – 18-20 october 2013

More information:
View Conference programme:

TriKonf 2013 Speaker Spotlight: Stefan Gentz

Stefan Gentz is the owner of tracom, a German consultancy with a focus on the Tech Comm and Translation industry. With deep and broad knowledge of and long-time experience with content management, authoring and translation tools, techniques and processes, he helps organizations to manage their global content challenges successfully, reduce costs and become more efficient. Stefan is also a certified Quality Management professional, ISO 9001 / EN 15038 auditor and Six Sigma Champion.
Stefan is a popular speaker at conferences around the world such as the Intelligent Content Conference, tekom, tcworld, LocWorld, GALA and other Tech Comm and Translation industry events. He is also an active social networker on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Stefan will present:

The dirty truth about interoperability and standards in the translation industry (English)

TMX, TBX, XLIFF, ITS, DITA, XML, HTML5 – we hear the praise for standards every day. Tool providers claim to support these and other standards, or even claim to be built on them.
This session is a reality check. Do we really need all these standards? And are these standards and the big tool providers actually mature enough to turn those ideas into values? Do the promises validate against the reality? Does a standard like TMX really help to exchange translation memory data? Do we need to put a standard like XLIFF on standards like DITA or HTML5? Stefan Gentz will dive deep into these questions based on real world examples and will look over the major tool providers’ shoulders.

XML or Die! (English)

This session is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a quick and rough ride in which you will learn everything you need to know about XML and how to professionally translate it. In just under 60 minutes.

You think you don’t need to care about XML? You just need to know Word? Rethink! The era of XML has just started. In 2020 XML and HTML5 will be the dominating source formats in your daily translation jobs. XML and CAT tool expert Stefan Gentz will a give you a jump start into XML, take you on a breathtaking flyover, unveil the five secret rules LSPs and translators should be aware of when offering XML translation. Stefan will build up a tricky yet typical XML structure in front of your eyes and show how to do the magic and successfully translate it with a CAT tool. After these most terrible 60 minutes of your career you will be reborn as an XML rock star. You will be able to walk on the XPATH, build a tree, handle whitespace and validate your client’s XML. And most importantly: deliver a professionally treated and translated XML file back to your customer.

TriKonf 2013, the Tri-National Translation Conference, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany – 18-20 october 2013

More information:
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TriKonf 2013 Speaker Spotlight: Paul Filkin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPaul Filkin is the Client Communities Director for SDL Language Technologies and has worked with SDL since the end of 2006. His main focus is helping users of SDL technology to get the most from their investment and can be regularly seen on Twitter and in many of the public forums providing advice to anyone who needs it.  This feeds nicely into another aspect of his role which is building up communities of like-minded users so they can benefit more from sharing their experiences directly in an environment where SDL can most effectively get involved; so communities for things like Beta testing the products, developing applications through the SDL OpenExchange and even communities to provide help get started with the products.
He also regularly maintains a blog addressing many of the practical issues faced by translators in using technology for their work (

Twitter: @paulfilkin
SDL Language Technologies:


Paul will present:

Studio Interoperability

Interoperability is a term that is more recently used to describe how tools working in different translation environments can work together.  But it can of course be much wider than this.  The Studio platform is not just about SDL Trados Studio the CAT… it is about a platform, and the SDL Product Management team have had as much focus on the platform underneath the CAT itself.  This presentation will take a look at just what this means and perhaps put a new meaning to the word “interoperability”.

TriKonf 2013, the Tri-National Translation Conference, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany – 18-20 october 2013

More information:
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UNIVERSITAS Austria now also on board for the TriKonf 2013

universitas_logo_neuAnd one more European professional association supporting the TriKonf!

UNIVERSITAS, the Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association was founded in 1954 and currently has over 700 members. The aims of the association are:

(A) Representation of the common career and professional interests of its members at home and abroad, especially by educating the public about the qualifications of university-trained translators and interpreters, as well as by preserving and protecting the reputation of the  profession and by developing guidelines for the provision of translation services.

(B) The support and maintenance of scientific work in all areas relevant to translation and interpreting, as well as linguistic training areas in cooperation with the linguistic science training centres at Austrian universities.


UNIVERSITAS members are now entitled to the “partner assocation” discount on their registration fee. We are looking forward to welcoming our Austrian colleagues in Freiburg!

TriKonf 2013, the Tri-National Translation Conference, Freiburg/Breisgau, Germany – 18-20 october 2013

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