The Alexandria Library


Enter the Alexandria virtual library for translators, interpreters
and language service providers…

Founded and run by GxP language services, the Alexandria Library is part of the Alexandria Projects. It is open to both translation buyers and providers, and offers live webinars and online courses as well as various types of resources such as glossaries, termbases, e-books…

A tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria

The project was named after the Great Library of Alexandria, the largest library in the ancient world. Built in the third century B.C. in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, this major and unique center of study and erudition was charged with collecting all of the knowledge in the world – it is estimated to have housed up to 700,000 papyrus and parchment scrolls. It became a research hub and home to scholars from all over the world in a variety of subject matter – science, astronomy, mathematics, but also history, philosophy and more. The collection housed in the library was legendary but the destruction of the library remains a complete mystery though most historians and archeologists agree that the final destruction occurred at some point during the late 4th century A.D. – in 2004, remains of what could have been thirteen lecture halls of the Great Library were found during excavation activities in the Bruchion region. The Library of Alexandria has been a symbol for knowledge for centuries.

Alexandria – The Translation Knowledge Hub

The symbolism is clear – while our goal is not to gather all of mankind’s knowledge, this Alexandria has the following objectives:

- Create a platform for resources and training, to help translation services providers in their day-to-day work, and help them stay up-to-date on the latest tools and trends – there is no longer a need to explain the importance and benefits of professional development throughout one’s career, particularly in our profession where we learn something new every day from each text we translate.

- Offer a platform for colleagues who wish to share specific knowledge, experiences or expertise so that they allow others to benefit from it, therefore helping themselves to establish their reputation within the profession.

- Develop a network of training partners - small LSPs and freelance translators with high standards and keen to share their knowledge and expertise

- Contribute to promoting the importance and value of our profession

- Educate translation buyers on the value of our work and high quality standards and raise awareness : yes, translation and interpretation are a real job and a real industry!

- Meet and train translators
 to grow our own network of service providers as a translation company (a somewhat “selfish” goal, yes ;))

Come on in, and discover the world of Alexandria!