Opening of a new Hall in the Alexandria Library

MP900302992We are happy to announce the opening of the “Other Resources” hall in the Translation Providers Wing of the Alexandria Library !

This Hall will offer various types of resources for translation providers – except webinars, as they have their own Hall.

Each type of resource will be organized in shelves, just like in a real Library. For now, the only shelf available is the “Videos shelf”, where you will find on-demand video content for translation providers (freelance translators, LSPs, agencies…) You will be able to browse videos by language and category – we are working hard to add new video content.

For now there is one video in the shelf: Workshop notitietechniek voor consecutief tolken (Dutch) – so if you’re interested in producing and selling your own video(s) via Alexandria, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Library Map:

Reception Area (this is where you are):
Site Map
Need help?

Translation Providers Wing:
– Reception Area

Webinars Hall
Browse all
Browse by category
Browse by language
Other resources Hall
Videos Shelf

Translation Buyers Wing
That wing is still under construction

Library Office:
- You want to become a presenter? This way
– Are you looking for a place to sell your own content, such as glossaries, e-books, termbases, translation memories, etc.? Over here
– Any suggestions, ideas, comments or questions? Contact us!
– Do you offer training services and would you be interested in becoming an Alexandria Partner? Contact us.

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